What is 国际植检15?


国际植检15 is not as complicated as it sounds. It stands for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures no.15和简单地指必须适用于在国家之间运输产品的实木的国际处理标准.

If a country has adopted 国际植检15 regulations, 当使用任何实木包装的产品在国际上运输时,必须满足一套标准, such as a box, 箱, 托盘, 衬垫, drums or packing cases.

Why was 国际植检15 introduced?

The organisms that live inside wood can actually be parasitic, 这些生物具有高度的侵略性,会对另一个国家的植物或生态系统产生负面影响. 世界各地的许多国家正在关注这些疾病和虫害通过木包装(如托盘)在全球的传播,运输这些木托盘已成为引进外来害虫和植物病原体的高风险途径.


例如,在美国和加拿大有一种叫做松木线虫的微型害虫. 如果它们进入了其他大陆,对它们本土的树木来说将是非常危险的. 类似的, 中国有亚洲长角甲虫,它对美国和加拿大的本土树木有害..

制定国际植检15是为了防止这些病虫害的进一步蔓延,并限制或减少这些病虫害危害当地动植物的机会. It’s not compulsory, but many of the leading countries involved in international trade have adopted it, including the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. 国际植检15 ensures that solid wood is treated in a particular way, 让它在世界各地旅行时尽可能的安全.

What are the 国际植检15 regulations?

根据国际植检15规定,您需要做什么取决于您是在进口还是出口. If you are importing solid wood packaging from outside the EU, it must meet the 国际植检15 international standards. If you are exporting packaging outside of the EU, 检查与你交易的国家是否接受国际植检15标准,以及他们是否有任何其他要求.

The regulations require that all non-exempt wood packaging material, be it hardwood or softwood, must be heat treated to the core for 30 minutes at 56 degrees celsius, or be fumigated with Methyl Bromide. 在熏蒸或热处理之前,所有用于木质包装的木材都需要去皮. 这是为了防止木材在等待被制成包装时再次受到虫害的侵袭.


Once treated, 事先经认可的检验机构批准的,必须申请质量处理标志, which is commonly applied as an ink stamp, 在木质包装外表面清晰可见的模板或商标. When the wood has been treated and the quality mark has been applied, it is officially 国际植检15 compliant and it doesn’t require any further treatment.

There are certain types of wood that the 国际植检15 regulations don’t apply to, such as any processed woods, wood less than 6mm thick, 纸板, 锯末, wood wool and wood shavings or veneer peeler core. These are considered low risk.

What happens if my wood packaging is not 国际植检15 compliant?

Each country is different but if you don’t follow the 国际植检15 regulations, 您的包装可能会经过熏蒸(内容和所有),您的发货人可能会被收取保费. Some will simply reject your packaging, 你的包装可能会被破坏并埋在垃圾填埋场,在最糟糕的情况下,整个货物可能会被拒收,并按原价退回原处 .

国际植检15 standards are to be taken seriously, so make sure that you, your packing service or your freight forwarder meets the requirements.

How can 顶峰 Freight help?

When you choose 顶峰 Freight for your shipping needs, our experienced packing team will assess the requirements of each shipment, ensuring that your goods are suitably packed and protected. Our services include case and 托盘 supplies, site packing services, bespoke packaging solutions and of course, 国际植检15 certification.


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What is 国际植检15?

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