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您正在寻找一位在航天技术行业有经验的货运代理吗? 你是否需要一个你可以信任的专家来提供专家建议和量身定制的运输解决方案? Pinnacle are experts in specialist shipments, trusted by the likes of NASA to take on space technology projects.

Our space tech projects

拥有近50年的项目管理和专业发货经验, Pinnacle is perfectly placed to take on your space technology needs. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, dedicated project management, 以及资产安全——在处理如此规模和可能具有敏感性的太空项目时,这些都是至关重要的品质.


Space Tech Logistics in Leicester

Running space tech logistics from Leicester, in the midlands allows us access to all of Europe, and (with our global network of carriers) the wider world. With Leicester’s long-standing connection to the space industry, our team is experienced with space tech logistics. We have contracts under our belt from NASA and Leicester University. Pinnacle的莱斯特不仅提供经验丰富的团队,而且仓储和供应链管理设施, meaning we’re best placed to handle all your space tech logistics.

Case study - NASA

Pinnacle公司负责交付詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜至关重要的无价组件, 与美国宇航局、莱斯特大学空间研究中心(SRC)和欧洲航天局(ESA)密切合作. 这个巨大的项目耗时近15年,涉及到对一个非常敏感的物体进行端到端的监督,在英国和美国都有熟练的操作.

We were required to manage the temperature-controlled air cargo container, priority airside access, roller bed systems, air cargo security exemptions, and the building of bespoke air cargo slave pallets.

“向NASA运送詹姆斯·韦伯太空望远镜的MIRI仪器是我们50年来负责的最高价值的运输,从后勤的角度来看也是最困难的. Pinnacle were instrumental throughout the planning, organisation, and ultimately the highly successful implementation of the delivery plan. We look forward to working with them again on any similar future projects.”



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现金电子游戏赌博的全球物流专家团队,让我们讨论您的项目和需求. We can give you advice, pricing, and answer any questions about your cargo. 当涉及到空间技术货物的物流时,请放心,你是最安全的人.

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