Freight Compliance & Commercial support


Handling the rules, regulations, and documentation

作为一个专业的货运代理意味着我们每天都能代表我们的客户成功地驾驭复杂的全球航运. 在将近50年的时间里,我们一直在为合规和商业需求提供可靠的指导和建议.

Our compliance & commercial services

Our compliance and commercial services include:


  • Documentation
  • Letter of credit/contract review
  • Incoterms
  • Overseas representation
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Sourcing


  • Consultancy and advice
  • HMRC procedures
  • Customs clearance
  • Export/import control
  • Certificate of origin/preference documents
  • Dangerous goods
  • USA Importer of Record, Power of Attorney, Bond

Benefits of our compliance & commercial services

With Pinnacle, you’ll always get a personalised service. 我们在这里谈论你通过和支持你的所有正确的文件和程序,你是运输到任何目的地, 你可以直接与Pinnacle的联络点电子游戏十大赌场,获得持续的支持和建议. Our level of care is second to none.


Freight Compliance and Commercial Support in Leicester

在我们位于莱斯特郡的总部,我们有一个货运合规和商业支持方面的专家团队. 这个基于莱斯特的团队专注于并能够利用我们50年的经验来支持全球业务,并为我们的客户驾驭复杂的国际航运, all whilst working within compliance laws. Our Leicester base means that we are an easy point of contact for you, for round the clock support and advice.

How We Can Help

请咨询我们的全球物流专家团队,了解我们的合规和商业服务的信息和建议,以及我们如何帮助您的下一次发货. You’re in the safest of hands with Pinnacle.

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